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We are pleased to announce the expansion of the popular REBOOT Workshops™ to the District of Columbia (Arlington, VA). We will begin with an all-woman’s workshop scheduled for March, 2016 during Women’s History Month.

In 2010, retired Navy veterans RADM (Ret) Ronne Froman and MCPO (Ret) Maurice Wilson saw the need for a transition program that helps service members and veterans struggling to figure out their place in the civilian world. Their idea was simple, but effective – develop a program, just as boot-camp transforms civilians into service members, to help transitioning service members (and veterans) successfully reintegrate back into the civilian world. “REBOOT” was born.

Now in our fifth year we are bringing this popular workshop to Washington, DC area. The three-week REBOOT Workshops™ sessions provide extensive personalized transition training, addressing personal, social and professional aspects of the transition from military to civilian life – all at no cost to the veterans who participate. Participants are only responsible for transportation and lunch each day.

Online registration is open  (Website is not accessible on Government Computers):


March 14 to April 1, 2016 (Women veterans only) – Washington, DC (Argosy University, Arlington Campus).

REBOOT Workshops™ are designed to assist members of the military in making the social and career transition from years of service by addressing their fears and “re-booting” their skills. Each workshop offers three weeks of education designed to enhance and build upon their training, experience and skills to prepare them for life after the military. The workshops is open to all service members, Guard/Reserves, Veterans and Spouses, regardless of their service era or discharge status.

“The three week commitment was definitely worth it,” said Raine Polzin, a graduate of the first all-female REBOOT Workshops™ and student at Mott Community College. “It helps focus and center you back to a positive mindset and it’s all about thinking about you rather than thinking about everyone else like you do in the military.”

Through REBOOT Workshops™ and other initiatives, National Veterans Transition Services, Inc. (NVTSI), has helped more than 1,450 veterans make a successful transition from military service to civilian life including employment, education, personal outlook and wellbeing. NVTSI has a proven 98% success rate of linking veterans with meaningful

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